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Siding replacement lead - form fill outbound call
Roof, siding, windows, gutter lead - Direct Mail Inbound Call
Real estate property inquiry - website form fill
Above are real conversations between AI (the sales rep) and real leads
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Landscarping calls
Real estate calls
Window Replacement calls
Roofing calls
HVAC calls
Siding calls
Renters insurance calls
Homeowners insurance calls
Automotive calls
Plumbing calls
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IVR calls
Direct mail call in's
Outbound form fill calls
Inbound call answering
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Follow up calls
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Our AI Promise

No weird AI lag.
No weird robotic voices.
Only as-good-as-human
AI conversations.

Success Stories

Businesses of all industries are already ahead with conversational AI

100's of leading businesses are already using conversational AI to qualify their leads.

"We're doing 100,000 calls a month. This is gonna be a game changer. That AI voice sounds insanely real.
Joseph Girmonde
Valley dream team real estate
"We know that voice AI calls is the future. We're pumped to try them with - you're the experts in conversational AI
Kevin McCarthy
real geeks
"I'm excited to hear how calls are going to get our agents on the phones with more qualified leads
Alvaro Erize
"You guys are always building the next best stuff, and we just need to listen to you. This voice AI stuff is crazy. That's gonna be a game changer for us doing over 100,000 calls a month across our call centers.“
Hoda Attia
Winchoice USA
Trust and Complaince

Only compliant calls.
Always encrypted data.

AI identification and recording disclosures. Redacted Pii, message encryption, and conversational data that never leaves our systems.

  • Customizable AI identification
  • Customizable recording disclosures
  • Opted-in Inbound calls answered with identification
  • Only call traceable opted-in form fills and outbound calls
  • Personal identifiable info is always redacted
  • Conversational data never leaves our system
Use Cases

The Modern Day Answering Machine

AI that answers inbound calls and makes compliant outbound calls to opted in leads 24/7/365

AI-answered Inbound Calls

Never miss another call from a warm lead.
Let AI answer inbound calls for you.

The AI "Opener"

AI answers live transfers and inbound calls and qualifies the lead for you

The Modern Day IVR

No more old-school IVRs. Modern day IVR AI talks in natural language to direct and qualify leads.

AI Outbound Calls to Opted-in Leads

New form fill lead? AI will call (and text) them for you to win the speed to lead race and get them qualified.

How it Works

More Than Just AI Calls.
A Fully Customizable AI Contact Center

Amplify Productivity, Unlock the Power of Collaboration and Effortless Discovery

AI Customization

Give the AI some direction.
Let it do the rest.

Customize as much, or as little of the AI conversations as you want.

  • Library of over 500 pre built AI text and call scripts
  • Customize your AI qualifying questions
  • Provide customized answers your AI can respond with
AI Dialer + Call Routing

Everything you Need to Handle Calls

All the infrastructure you need to handle calls for your business, no matter how big or small.

  • Local area code phone numbers
  • AI phone number local presence
  • Inbound call routing
  • AI live transfers
  • AI VOIP Power Dialer
AI Texting

AI Texting + Calls = the Highest Connection Rates

Combine AI texting with calls to give your business the best shot at connecting with your leads.

  • Texts and calls come from the same local phone number
  • Automated long term text message drip campaigns
  • 2-way text qualifying conversations
  • 24/7/365 availability and coverage
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Refer others and get 100 free AI Calls for every 1 referral (and move up in the line)